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Frequently Asked Questions, better known by the acronym FAQ, are literally frequently asked questions, that is a series of answers drawn up directly by us to the questions that are asked, more frequently by our clients, regarding CAF, PARTRONATO, IMMIGRATION and ADMINISTRATIVE services. They are recurring questions to which we prefer to answer publicly so that they are not asked too often, in order to dissolve the doubts of new users.


If you cannot find the solution to your problem please don’t hesistate to contact your nearest APS POINT.

Yes, the request for the advance of the remaining Naspi must be submitted within 30 days from the opening date of the business to the chamber of commerce.


No, there is no diabetes bonus, the question to be asked to access benefits due is an Invalidity status.

No, to access the baby bonus, the parent who is applying, if a foreigner, must be in possession of a long-term resident permit.

No, starting from 01 January 2021 it will be sufficient to complete the isee and the application or renewal will take place automatically

APS has an intense network of foreign offices which, with their experience and skills, are able to retrieve, endorse and translate the required documents.


Not unless there has been a dismissal for just cause.
Only after the seventh month of pregnancy, with a doctor’s electronic certificate.
You must notify INPS that you have started a work activity within 30 days of starting work.
Yes, you must ask for authorization from INPS in order to obtain them.
Yes, do you need to have filed the tax return and be regular with the payment of contributions?

The period to present the Naspi Agricola runs from January 15th to March 31st.







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