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Our family’s strategic vision is to create a better everyday life for the majority of workers and citizens. This means doing our best to create a world where we take care of your fiscal and bureaucratic problems. We are aware that it is a continuous commitment and that sometimes problems are very difficult to solve due to political and external factors, but we work very hard to always find the solution …


A never-ending story

In 2002 APS was founded in a garage in Mairano, to cater for the working needs of Armando Lira’s construction company’s foreign employees, after about 6 months the first requests from independent private individuals began to arrive and there was a need to have a office in Brescia, APS moved to its first official headquarters in via Cristoforo Pilati in Brescia, where our marvellous voyage commenced.

In 2004 Paola Cremaschini joined our team, the office was too small, therefore we moved to a larger structure in via Volturno, where APS began to take its first steps in the CAF sector. With a change in the APS business model our office temporarily retuned back to its initial headquarters in ‘via Pilati’ for two years.

About 4 years pass before the introduction of the Patronato Services, first with an office in Mairano and then opening two offices in Brescia. The expansion meant having to group offices together and creating a special space for our new members of staff.In 2017 Ivano Oprandi (who until 2018, managed an APS office in Mairano and one in Flero) joined our team permanently. He then created the Flero office successfully; the first Official APS branch. In the meantime, the APS expansion took off thanks to his intuitions. Thanks to the dynamic management team, APS has become a leader in this niche services sector.


Our centers in Italy and around the world

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